The brochures with lenticular effects present different images from different angles to your potential customers to which they are distributed and with 3D animation effects. It shows your product or service that you want to highlight 10 times more effectively.

Brochures with lenticular effects are the ones you want to create brand, product or service awareness and especially give to your potential customers. message compared to standard printed still brochures. They transmit 10 times more effectively and are very memorable.

The brochures that we can produce with effects such as Lenticular 3D effect, zoom or animation can be cut in any size and shape you want.

Effect of Lenticular Printing

10 X

Effect of Standard Printing

1 X

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Product features and Delivery

Features and Options

  • UV offset printing directly to lenticular
  • Premium USA lenticular PETG material
  • Back side PP pearl coating
  • Backside UV offset printing
  • In addition to the lenticular material, 250gr coated coating
  • Matte/Glossy cellophane
  • Can be cut into desired sizes and shapes

Technical Features

Unilens lenticular products and features
Lens design
Point of
Thickness Application
150 LPI Lenstar ® Plus 43° 262 µ 3D + Flip
100 LPI Lenstar ® Plus 42° 355 µ 3D + Flip
3D-100 LPI Lenstar ® Plus 30° 546 µ 3D
YENİ : 75 Lpi Lenstar ® 'eko' 49° 406 µ 3D + Flip
75 Lpi Lenstar ® 'Lite' Eliptik 49° 406 µ 3D + Flip
75 LPI Lenstar ® Plus 49° 457 µ 3D + Flip
62 LPI Lenstar ® Plus 44° 685 µ 3D + Flip
50 LPI-M Lenstar ® Plus 54° 610 µ Flip
3D 50 LPI Lenstar ® Plus 41° 864 µ 3D
40 LPI Lenstar ® Plus 49° 838 µ 3D + Flip
Flip 20 LPI LF PETG 54° 1,95 mm Flip
3D 28 LPI UV-MF 37° 2,15 mm 3D
3D 20 LPI  UV-LF 37° 3 mm 3D


10-12 working days for front and back printed lenticular products

7 working days for simple lenticular products that only require front-side printing.

Please note: Our production times are subject to change due to calm and busy periods. Please let us know if you need your print in a shorter time, we will try our best to meet your request.

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Lenticular Template Information

Supported Formats:

  • Format: CMYK
  • DPI: Min. 300
  • Bleed: 3MM





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